Xen Quinn leaves Saudi Arabia in 20th place for the Gamers8 Fortnite LAN

During this past weekend’s $2,000,000 Fortnite LAN event in Saudi Arabia, Xen Quinn (RichHomieQuinn) was able to take home 20th place with his duo, Vert.

Quinn’s achievement not only gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, traveling the world to play video games but also awarded him with a $28,600 prize (DreamHack Dallas included).

With a $2,000,000 prize pool on board, and only 50 duos competing, almost everyone involved was able to take home some sort of victory.

Xen Quinn qualifies for the Gamers8 Fortnite LAN in Saudi Arabia during DreamHack Dallas

Quinn was able to grab his ticket to Saudi Arabia during the Fortnite Opens event in DreamHack Dallas. The tournament had a $250,000 prize pool and also awarded the top 10 teams with a free ticket to the Gamers8 Fortnite LAN in Saudi Arabia.

Quinn, who grabbed fifth in the DreamHack Opens event back in the beginning of June, fought a hard fight while trying to bring that first place in Saudi Arabia. His fifth place at DreamHack Dallas not only gave him his ticket to Saudi Arabia but also awarded him and his duo $12,000.

Overall, the entirety of these two events gave Quinn and his duo $28,600 in prizing.

“Shoutout to Gamers8 for the wonderful experience,” said Quinn on Twitter in a recent post about the LAN event. “Will be back again next year.”

Quinn’s excitement for the tournament, despite not qualifying within the top five, is a direct representation of why his sheer will as a player is enough to make him successful.

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Written by: Bryson Maddock

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