TwitchCon Vegas

After having a few weeks to recoup, Xen has been able to reflect on the incredible weekend they had while attending TwitchCon Vegas. The team met with some of its incredible sponsors, helping to further those strong relationships held between companies.

Companies such as Streamlabs, Paradox Customs, Verizon and more were among the names Xen spent their time with. From long days at the convention center, to unique after parties, Xen made the most of the weekend.

But TwitchCon is not necessarily an event only revolving around business. After rounding up every Xen member who was attending the event, the team held a high-quality photoshoot, providing members with unreleased merch.

The Xen crew that attended TwitchCon and the photo shoot consisted of members Laz, Hersh, Ripraraa, SirGime, Foxman, Phree, Plalism, Trey509 and more. The photo shoot was not only for future Xen marketing but also to shine light on the amazing team Xen has put together.

Xen’s consistency in providing members with not only the best gear but also the best experiences possible, is a large reason why they stay on top as one of the leading organizations in esports and content creation. 

The company is already planning ahead for next year’s TwitchCon trip, setting a goal to make it even more legendary than 2023’s.

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