Re-signed Xen x Nanoleaf

Xen is excited to announce our re-signing with Nanoleaf for the remainder of 2023. Nanoleaf first began working with Xen back in July of 2022, providing products to more than half of the team’s roster.


Each member chosen to receive Nanoleaf products was given over $500 worth of lights that formed the word “Xen”. Not only did these lights add variety and style to the background of the creators’ streams, but they also are customizable to whatever game or theme being showcased on stream.

Xen has also been able to hold giveaways with various Nanoleaf products. Giving back to the community is one of the most important aspects of Xen, and Nanoleafs are considered extremely desired by streamers and content creators.


Working with Nanoleaf for over a year is something that Xen is not only highly appreciative of but also incredibly proud of. Nanoleaf is constantly setting the bar for LED lights and has helped provide millions with some of the most unique lights possible.


Stay tuned to for more Xen updates.

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